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Houston Expunction and Non-Disclosure Lawyer

Houston-Expunction-LawyerPeople need to move on once their criminal case has been completed. The problem is that people can be held back by a criminal record even after they have done their time and paid any required financial penalties. A criminal record can disqualify you from employment or other opportunities even though you have fixed the problems with your life and wish to start over. If you are in this situation then you should consider gaining an Expunction or Non-Disclosure Order in regards to your criminal record.

Houston attorney dealing with the sealing of Texas criminal records

Removing your criminal history from public view is often referred to as “sealing your record.” Texas allows you to seal your record through a “Non-Disclosure” Order. A Non-Disclosure Order does not completely erase your criminal record but it does ensure that your history will typically not be viewable by employers, on background checks, and through certain other sources. This is a process that helps you put the past behind you. It is important to understand that, when you seal a record, that the history does not “go away.” It does, however, become inaccessible to many of the entities from whom you would prefer to withhold.

Gaining an Expunction of your Texas criminal record

In certain instances it may be possible to gain an Expunction of your Texas criminal record. Expunction, which is sometimes referred to as “Expungement,” differs from sealing the record. While sealing a record means the record exists but is not viewable, Expunction erases the criminal record completely. An expunged record is considered to have never happened.

Texas criminal records can only be expunged under certain circumstances. These circumstances include:

  • If one was arrested but not charged
  • If one was charged but the case was later dismissed due to lack of probable cause
  • If the Grand Jury refused to issue an Indictment in your case
  • If you were found not guilty by a Judge or Jury
  • If your criminal record was the result of identity theft

It is common to seal a criminal record after you receive a “deferred adjudication” as a part of a plea-agreement. Once you have completed the probationary period associated with the deferred adjudication you will typically be able to seal most misdemeanor charges. There is a longer waiting period for most felonies. There is a process that must be followed in gaining a Texas Non-Disclosure Order so it is important that you contact a Houston criminal attorney today to begin the process. Shamim Ebrahimi services Houston as well as Harris County.

Common cases that are later sealed include drug charges, bad check cases, and matters involving domestic violence. If you meet any of these circumstances then contact Shamim today to schedule your initial consultation and to begin the Expunction process of your record.