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Houston Probation Revocation Lawyer

Probation officer badgeThe revocation of probation can mean the difference between freedom and incarceration. Having quality legal representation is a precaution against having one’s probation revoked. If you or a loved one reside in Houston or Harris County, and are facing revocation proceedings, then it is important that counsel be contacted immediately.

Houston attorney who understands the process of probation revocation

The revocation is a multi-step process. If a person on probation is charged with a new crime then they will likely be facing what is called a “Revocation Proceeding.” The first step is for the Court to schedule the proceeding. Prior to the hearing, the Department of Parole and Probation will issue a report to the Judge stating its opinion as to whether probation should be revoked. It is important to know that the report is not the final say; the Judge will have discretion as to whether or not probation should remain in place, be modified, or be revoked.

Hiring the right attorney is crucial for a revocation proceeding. Shamim Ebrahimi is a criminal defense attorney who services Houston and Harris County. Shamim handles all matters in his office personally so you or a loved one can rest assured that the lead attorney, and not an associate, will be handling the revocation process. One’s freedom is far too important to trust in the hands of just anyone. Shamim will determine what evidence can be presented at the revocation proceeding and will gather that evidence so the best possible case is presented to the Judge. Contact Shamim online or by telephone today to schedule an initial consultation.

Affordable representation for Houston probation hearings

If you are dealing with the revocation of probation, then you have enough to worry about already. How you are going to afford legal representation should not be another thing for you to worry about. Shamim works to ensure that his rates are reasonable. He is also able to represent clients on a “per hearing” basis so that the process can be made more affordable. The last thing you need when facing revocation is to be concerned over whether or not you will have representation. Shamim will be there for you each step of the way regardless of if you are on probation for DWI, domestic violence, a conviction for assault, theft, theft by check, or a firearm offense.