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Practice Areas

Houston criminal lawyer Shamim EbrahimiShamim Ebrahimi handles matters in all areas of criminal defense. He provides insight and guidance that will help clear up confusion and will answer all your questions. Shamim also prides himself on handling all legal matters in the office personally. This level of personal attention means that the important issues in your case will be identified early on and that time will not be wasted in developing your defense. In addition to paying personal attention to your case, Shamim understands that his clients are people; that is why he is there for you during the difficult times you are facing.

Effective attorney to deal with your Houston, Texas criminal charges

Shamim handles a wide range of matters relating to criminal defense. These matters include:

These issues are not to be taken lightly. The carry serious penalties and can have a lasting impact on your life. By hiring an attorney who will devote the necessary time to your case and keep you involved in the process, you ensure your chances of getting through your case as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Shamim is a criminal defense attorney servicing both Houston and Harris County. When you retain his services, he will immediately determine things such as what investigation needs to be conducted, what viable motions to file if any, and what legal defenses need to be explored. Whether your best defense is to fight your case at trial or to have the case eliminated through motion practice, he will pursue a strategy that best protects your overall interests.  Hire a lawyer who will give your criminal case the attention it deserves.

Shamim also handles a variety of other matters including bad check cases, the sealing of a criminal record, hearings for setting bail, traffic tickets, hearings for probation revocation, sentencing hearings, and hearings for the failure to appear. He will give your case his undivided focus regardless of the situation. One does not have to be charged with a major felony to be facing a situation that will have a lasting life impact; Shamim recognizes this. Call today.

Affordable criminal defense attorney in Houston and Harris County

Unfortunately we live in a country where many people cannot afford to fairly and adequately defend themselves against the criminal process. Shamim Ebrahimi is a criminal defense attorney who recognizes this injustice and works to ensure that his rates are reasonable for Texas residents who live in Houston or Harris County. He is often able to take cases for a reasonable flat fee or to take your case on a per setting basis so that you don’t have to break the bank to protect yourself.