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This is the introduction post to our blog series on Handling Houston, Texas Criminal Cases Involving Marijuana. The series covers a number of topics, some of which include:

  • Options after you are arrested for criminal possession of marijuana charges in Houston,
  • The legal consequences of a possession of marijuana charge in Texas,
  • When does an arrest for marijuana possession become a wrongful arrest,
  • Common ways possession of marijuana cases get dismissed, &
  • Deciding on whether to hire a marijuana possession lawyer.

Marijuana legalization and its use have been issues of growing concern in Texas as of recent. Harris County (Houston, Texas) has approximately the fifth most arrests for marijuana possession of the 3,000+ counties in the US, and about every sixty seconds at least one person is arrested for a marijuana related offense. Because of statistics such as these, I write this series to raise awareness of what an individual’s rights are in matters related to possession of marijuana charges, and to generally raise awareness of the broader issues surrounding criminal marijuana charges and marijuana legalization.

For most people, understanding the legal intricacies of a possession of marijuana charge is no simple task. Facing a drug charge is something most individuals cannot overcome by themselves. These hardships are why every person facing such a case should seek the advice of a competent marijuana defense lawyer. Thus, if you need assistance defending your possession of marijuana case, contact a Houston marijuana defense lawyer ASAP, or continue reading my possession of marijuana blog series for more marijuana related offenses.