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Houston Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Police-officer-writing-ticketA traffic ticket can be far more inconvenient than people realize. In addition to the fine, receiving a ticket means you can expect your insurance rates to increase. Also, if you receive enough citations in a certain time period, then your license may be suspended. Hiring an attorney can save you the time of going to Court and may result in a more favorable outcome than you would have otherwise received.

Legal representation for traffic tickets in Houston and Harris County, Texas

Traffic tickets are considered misdemeanors and are handled by the Municipal Courts or Justice of the Pease “JP” Courts. A ticket may result in you having to miss work on numerous occasions to deal with court dates. In addition to taking time off to attend Court, you may also have to take time away to attend traffic school or other Court-mandated programs. Add this to the fact that your insurance rates will increase as part of getting a ticket and the process suddenly becomes very costly. Fortunately, there are options for dealing with the situation.

Houston ticket attorney Shamim Ebrahimi will defend you in traffic court to ensure that you receive the best resolution possible. Hiring an attorney to handle your traffic matter will save you both time and money; aggressive traffic ticket representation means that you can receive a lower fine while also allowing you to not miss time from work or your other personal obligations. Shamim will handle all appearances in Municipal Court or JP Court so that you can worry about the more important things in your life. Shamim services Harris County as well as Houston.

An affordable lawyer for your Houston ticket or traffic warrant

The entire point of hiring a lawyer for your traffic ticket is to save time and money. Shamim understands this and works to keep his rates affordable so that you can spend your money on things you really want. Shamim represents residents of both Houston and Harris County whether they are facing a traffic ticket or a traffic warrant. Contact Shamim online or by telephone to speak with an attorney who can handle your traffic matter at an affordable price.