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Houston DWI and DUI Lawyer

Gavel-Alcoholi-Drink-&-Car-KeysOne does not get behind the wheel with the belief that they will be charged with a crime. Once you are pulled over for driving while intoxicated, however, your life can change dramatically. A Texas DWI charge can lead to jail time, heavy fines, loss of driving privileges, and a lasting criminal record. If you are facing such a charge it is important that you contact an attorney who is ready to examine every aspect of your case. Contact Texas DWI lawyer Shamim Ebrahimi today for aggressive representation in a case involving DWI or DUI. Shamim services Houston and Harris County.

Effective DWI representation for residents of Houston or Harris County

Texas takes a strict stance against DWI cases. In our state, a first offense for DWI can carry a minimum sentence of 3-6 days depending on whether you had an open container in the vehicle. A second offense is a “Class A” misdemeanor which can result in a 30 day minimum sentence. Additional offenses or circumstances can result in a DWI being charged as a felony which results in substantial consequences. In addition to incarceration, DWI cases will result in the loss of driving privileges and increased insurance rates. If you have been charged with a DWI offense then it is important to understand that you have options.

Houston DWI lawyer Shamim Ebrahimi will effectively represent you and will ensure that your rights remain protected. DWI cases can be defended on several grounds. These include:

  • Challenging the basis for which the arresting officer stopped your vehicle
  • Challenging whether the officer had reasonable suspicion to administer a field sobriety test or blood test
  • Challenging the procedures used by the officer to determine if you were intoxicated
  • A variety of other factors related to the stop of your vehicle and the officer’s subsequent investigation

It is important that you hire an attorney who won’t simply take the first plea deal, but who will investigate all aspects of the case and explore all possible defenses. Shamim handles all matters in the office personally, so you can rest assured that your DWI case will be handled by your attorney and not by an associate or paralegal. If you are charged with a crime then you need an attorney who will be there for you. Contact Shamim today to schedule your initial consultation.

DUI representation for those in Houston or Harris County

Driving under the influence, or DUI, involves underage drinking and driving. DUI charges carry an automatic drivers’ license suspension along with additional fines and penalties. If your child or another loved one is charged with DUI in Houston, Texas or Harris County then contact Shamim today to ensure that the matter is handled appropriately.