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Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer for Defending Against Drug Charges

Man with drugs in handcuffsDrug charges are some of the most frequently filed cases in both Texas and the United States. Prosecutors regularly pursue charges for possession and/or distribution of marijuana and other controlled substances. A drug-related conviction can have a devastating impact on your life. Incarceration notwithstanding, a drug charge conviction will impact your life in many ways. Criminal defense lawyer Shamim Ebrahimi aggressively defends residents of Houston and Harris County against drug charges. Contact Shamim today.

Aggressive legal representation for Houston and Harris County residents charged with possessing marijuana or other controlled substances

Texas cases related to the possession of a controlled substance may be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the amount and type of narcotics. These narcotics may be traditional street drugs such as marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, or a host of others. If you are charged with misdemeanor possession, then you will face charges in the County Court system. If you are indicted for felony possession or felony distribution of controlled substances, then your case will take place in District Court. Drug charges have a lasting impact on your record and can follow you for the rest of your life.

Houston drug charge lawyer Shamim Ebrahimi aggressively protects the rights of Texas residents against cases involving controlled substances. If a client is in custody, then the first step is to arrange a bail hearing or to obtain a “PR Bond” aka personal recognizance release. Shamim will then immediately begin your defense. It is not uncommon for an arresting officer to violate one’s constitutional rights during a drug arrest. Shamim will file all appropriate Motions to keep illegally obtained evidence from being used against you while conducting a thorough investigation in preparation of trial. Because Shamim handles all matters personally, you can rest assured that your attorney, and not an associate or paralegal, is completing the steps of the process. Contact us online or by telephone at (346) 221-3311 to schedule your consultation. Shamim services Houston and Harris County.

Defense lawyer for Houston residents charged in prescription drug cases

Controlled substance cases can involve prescription drugs as well as common street narcotics. While many people think of more traditional drugs when discussing controlled substance cases, it is a crime to possess pharmaceuticals if they have not been prescribed to you by a physician. In such matters it is important that your rights be protected just as they would in any other drug-related offense. Our office takes prescription drug cases just as seriously as any other drug crime. If you are charged with illegally possessing or distributing illegal drugs then contact us today.

Other issues related to Texas controlled substance charges

Issues often arise for Houston, Texas residents who have previously been convicted in controlled substance cases. These issues may include a new arrest which results in a hearing for the revocation of probation. Under better circumstances one may need to clear their Texas criminal record. We are able to assist these areas. Contact Shamim today.