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Houston Bail Lawyer

Bail documentsNothing is more important than one’s freedom. When you or a loved one has been arrested, then it is crucial that you seek bail immediately. Getting your bail set at a reasonable amount can mean the difference between being released and having to stay in custody pending trial.  Contact Houston bail lawyer Shamim Ebrahimi today.

Gaining reasonable bail in Texas Courts

Quite often bail may be set at a level that one simply cannot afford. All is not lost in such a situation. If bail has been set at an unreasonable amount, then a Motion to Reduce Bail may be filed with the Court. In considering such a Motion, the Court will look at factors such as the Defendant’s ties to the community and the likelihood that the Defendant will appear at trial. If a loved one is facing unreasonable bail, then a reduction motion should be filed as quickly as possible. Contact Shamim Ebrahimi today to schedule an initial consultation.

Affordable Houston bail lawyer

When one is facing unreasonable bail, then there is already enough to worry about. The cost of legal representation should not be an additional concern. Shamim prides himself on providing aggressive and effective legal representation to Texas criminal defendants for a reasonable price. In addition to working for reasonable flat fees, Shamim is able to handle certain matters on a “per hearing” basis so that a Defendant does not have to pay for the entire case up front.

Shamim handles all matters in his office personally, so you can rest assured that you will be dealing with your attorney and not an associate or a paralegal. Contact Shamim today if you are facing drug charges, charges for DWI, allegations of theft by check, or if you have been charged with domestic violence. Shamim handles all matters in the office personally so you can be assured that you will be dealing with your attorney and not an associate or a paralegal. Contact us today.