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Texas Bad Check Lawyer

Checkbook-penBouncing a check may result in criminal charges being filed against you. While many may think that having a check returned for insufficient funds is “no big deal,” the truth is that you may be charged with Theft by Check or with Issuance of a Bad Check. If you are a Texas resident in Houston or Harris County then contact criminal defense lawyer Shamim Ebrahimi today.

Aggressive Lawyer providing representation for Houston residents charged with Theft by Check

The Texas crime of Theft by Check occurs when a person acquires property with a check that he or she knows will not clear the bank. To be convicted of this offense the State must show that the Defendant knew the check would not clear at the time it was written and that the person providing the goods or services did so out of a good faith belief that the check would clear the bank. Depending on the amount of the check, you may be charged with anything from a felony to a misdemeanor. A Theft by Check conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life in ways that go beyond the jail time and fines; a conviction will follow you in your efforts to seek employment, to pass background checks, and in a variety of other areas. If you are facing such charges then it is critical that you gain legal representation immediately.

Houston criminal defense lawyer Shamim Ebrahimi aggressively protects Houston and Harris County residents against Theft by Check charges. Shamim does not simply go into Court and resolve your case through a plea agreement. He will explore possible defenses including whether you did not believe the check to be bad at the time you issued it as well as whether the person providing goods did not have a good faith basis to believe the check would clear. By exploring all possible avenues Shamim will ensure that you come out of your case in the best position possible. Contact our office online or by telephone today to schedule your initial consultation.

Houston attorney defending people against charges for issuance of a bad checks

Unlike many other states, Texas will prosecute you for bouncing post-dated checks. Many other states will not pursue criminal charges if the check you bounce is written for a date in the future. Texas, by contrast, will still charge you with the crime of “Issuance of a Bad Check.” Just as being charged with Theft by Check, facing a case for Issuance of a Bad Check can have serious consequences in your life. It is crucial that you contact a Houston criminal defense attorney who can defend you against this, or any other theft charges. Shamim handles all matters in the office personally and will be there for you each step of the way.

Bad check cases often result in other legal needs. You may face additional criminal charges associated with the bad check case. Such issues may include being charged with burglary or the later need to clear or seal your Texas criminal record. Regardless of the situation, Shamim can help. Call today.