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Houston Assault Lawyer

Houston Domestic Violence LawyerAny crime that involves the safety of another person is frowned upon by society. Prosecutors and the Court, therefore, take assault cases very seriously. There are several types of assault charges in Texas and these cases can range from misdemeanors to higher level felonies. If you are charged with assault then it is imperative that you contact a Houston criminal defense attorney immediately as your freedom is on the line. Call our office today to schedule your initial consultation

Criminal defense attorney for Houston and Harris County residents who have been charged with assault

Texas has several levels of assault charges. These cases can range from “Class A Assault,” which carries a sentence of up to one year in jail, to “Aggravated Assault” which can carry up to twenty years in a Texas State Prison. There are many defenses to assault charges. These defenses may include the claim of self-defense, justification, as well as several others recognized under Texas law. If you are charged in such a case then it is important for you to recognize that you may lose your freedom. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation with Houston criminal defense lawyer Shamim Ebrahimi.

How your assault case proceeds will depend on the type of charges you are facing. If you face allegations of misdemeanor assault then you will be charged in County Court through a Criminal Complaint. If you are charged with a felony then you will face an Indictment in District Court. Shamim is a Houston attorney, who also represents Harris County residents, and handles all matters in his office personally. From the time you are arrested, through trial, Shamim will aggressively protect your rights. This will include early stages of your case such as your bail hearing and all investigation through trial. Contact Shamim online or by telephone to schedule your initial consultation.

Aggressive defense against assault allegations

Your freedom is not something to trust in the hands of just any attorney. Shamim will handle your assault case correctly from the start. He will immediately gain the police reports and other evidence from the prosecution. He will then identify all relevant witnesses so he may interview them and have a full understanding of the facts of your case. By getting to the bottom of the facts, as soon as possible, Shamim is able to ensure that you are receiving the right legal advice throughout the process.

Shamim also understands that people may have been convicted of assault in the past and have since moved on with their lives. In such a situation it may be necessary to clear or seal your Texas criminal record. Shamim is able to help you in such an instance. Contact us today.