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Houston-Expunction-LawyerWas your case dismissed? Were you found not guilty? How about being falsely accused? Either way, a simple criminal background check will turn up any arrests and charges you may have. These past arrests and charges can greatly impact your ability to find employment, to get into college, and to rent an apartment. Consequently, Texas expunction and non-disclosure laws allow for certain people to clear their criminal records. Because sealing criminal records is a statutory right, a person is entitled to clear their criminal records only under certain circumstances. Some of the more frequently sealed criminal cases include drug charges, bad check cases, and matters involving domestic violence.

How to Get Your Criminal Records Expunged?

Texas law affords two options for getting criminal records sealed. One is called an expunction or expungement and the other is called a non-disclosure. Expunction and non-disclosure proceedings are civil rather than criminal in nature, not everyone qualifies, and the burden of proving compliance with the statutory conditions rests solely with the petitioner.

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