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Houston lawyer for defending against drug charges

Houston drug charge lawyer Shamim Ebrahimi aggressively protects the rights of Texas residents against cases involving controlled substances.


Houston DWI and DUI Lawyer

Houston DWI lawyer Shamim Ebrahimi will effectively represent you and will ensure that your rights remain protected. DWI cases can be defended on several grounds.


Houston Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Houston criminal defense lawyer Shamim Ebrahimi represents residents of Houston and Harris County against domestic violence charges.


Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

Nothing is more important than your freedom. Picking an attorney to deal with your criminal charges is likely the most important decision you will ever make. Quality legal representation can make the difference between moving forward from your situation or dealing with a lifetime of regret. Houston criminal defense lawyer Shamim Ebrahimi understands Texas law and will aggressively protect your rights. He is an effective litigator who will be there for you each step of the way.

Hire the right defense attorney for your Houston and Harris County criminal charges

Shamim’s goal is to aggressively ensure the protection of your rights while helping you get through these tough times. Whether you are facing drug charges, a DWI, charges of domestic violence, or firearm charges, Shamim is prepared to make sure that you are protected throughout the process. At your initial consultation he will discuss the facts of the case with you to get an understanding of your side of the story. He will then launch an effective investigation into your case so that you can utilize all of the defenses that may be available to you. Contact Shamim online or by telephone at (346) 221-3311 to schedule your initial consultation. Shamim understands the importance of your criminal case. This is why he handles all matters in his office personally. You will not be dealing with an associate or a paralegal; this critical time in your life should be handled by no one but your attorney. Once you hire Shamim he will immediately notify the Court and the prosecution that you have retained counsel. He will then begin identifying any relevant witnesses and evidence that is to be used in your defense. He will thoroughly analyze all relevant legal issues, such as whether your rights were violated when you were stopped by the police or whether the Government is required to turn over certain evidence that it is currently withholding. Regardless of your situation, you can rest assured that your rights will remain protected. Shamim also understands the stress your current situation is placing on you. Throughout the process he will ensure that you are informed of what is happening and that you understand what the next steps are. You will never be wondering about the status of your case because he will communicate with you throughout it.

Affordable legal representation for your Houston or Harris County criminal matter

Shamim Ebrahimi understands that you are dealing with enough stress as it is. Paying for your criminal defense lawyer should not be something else you have to worry about. Shamim’s fees are reasonable, and often he can keep your legal fees down by charging you per court appearance. Whether you are facing felony charges or charged with a misdemeanor, he will work to ensure that you can afford representation. Maintaining your freedom does not have to mean breaking the bank. Call (346) 221-3311 today.

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